Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Petra Pictures

I have so much I'd like to share about the past weekend, but I've run out of time tonight to tell it all. Instead, here is a link to an album of about 50 pictures from the weekend.

Petra Weekend

Or if that doesn't work, try copying and pasting directly: http://picasaweb.google.com/116101552714421147152/PetraWeekend?feat=directlink

Just to orient you, we began at Karak Castle, spent the rest of the afternoon hiking in Petra, slept, headed out into the desert where we spent the day camel riding, jeep riding, hiking, and climbing before sleeping under the stars in a bedouin camp, and then we left the desert, relaxed in the Dead Sea, and returned to Amman. (No wonder I'm still so tired.)

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  1. I love your desert photos (and your desert outfits)! Was the camel ride bumpy? Was it hot during the day and cold at night?